Instrument Pilot Rating (IFR)


Open up new possibilities by obtaining your instrument pilot rating! Not only is it safer and highly recommended to be able to operate an aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR) you will also be better qualified when taking to the sky.

Here are the requirements to obtain your instrument pilot rating:
  • Hold at least a current private pilot certificate.
  • Pass FAA Knowledge test
  • Pass an oral exam and practical test (check ride) with a FAA Examiner
  • Current US Passport, or Birth Certificate & Government Issued ID
  • Third class medical certificate or better
  • You must have logged at least 50 hours of cross-country flight time as pilot in command
  • You must log 40 hours actual or simulated instrument conditions including 15 hours with an instructor
  • 250 nautical mile cross-country on an IFR flight plan with 3 different instrument approaches


Instrument Pilot Ground School is a 30 hour program focused on the knowledge and skills necessary to both supplement your actual instrument flying experience as well as the necessary knowledge to pass the Instrument Pilot Airplane Aeronautical Knowledge Test. In addition to the 30 hours of classroom instruction, you will also be provided with the necessary books and training materials which are yours to keep at the end of the program.

Each class begins with an in-depth lecture about the key knowledge areas, followed by a non-intimidating classroom quiz that helps you prepare for the knowledge test.

Your Sun Coast Aviation ground school instructor is highly skilled in the various aeronautical knowledge areas that you will be covering during the program. Sun Coast Aviation wants to make sure that your learning experience is challenging, fun, and most importantly, assists you in obtaining your Instrument Rating as a Private Pilot.

Course Curriculum:

Class 1:   Weather 

Class 2:  Weather Services 

Class 3:  Flight Instruments 

Class 4:  Navigation 

Class 5:  Regulation 

Class 6:  Procedure. 

Class 7:  Departure and Enroute

Class 8:  Arrival 

Class 9:  Approach

Class 10:  Review and Practice

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