Mission Statement

Sun Coast Aviation, LLC (Sun Coast Aviation) was founded to provide quality flight training and flight experiences for aspiring aviators and existing-certificated pilots that share the common goals of safe operations, a sense of aviation purpose, and a never-ending desire to be a proficient aviator. We measure our success by fostering a community of aviators that believes a great pilot is always learning. Our desired result is to develop safe, competent, and proficient aviators and a supportive external community.

Our aerial tours are designed so that we may share the beauty of the world beneath our wings to those that otherwise would not become aviators but have dreamed like Leandro da Vinci once dreamed. A world where our own time and space are not crowded by automobiles and pavement but painted in the colors of white sandy beaches, turquoise oceans, and a golden sunset. From our vantage point aloft, the world is not smaller but grander in scale with a horizon that seems to escape time itself.

We believe in organizing aviation-themed get-togethers, seminars, and events in a supportive environment. We operate an ethical organization and treat each interaction as we wish to be treated – honestly, fairly, and respectfully. We do this in part by offering aircraft that are safe, well-maintained, and are priced fairly. Our service quality goals are to provide superior service, excellent facilities, and an ease to which we conduct our business.

If you share in our vision – one that believes a great pilot is always learning and does so in a fostering a growing aviator community – Sun Coast Aviation is a place where you will feel at home. Welcome.